21st Annual Peace Studies Conference – Nov 14th Le Moyne College

21st Annual Peace Studies Conference

Conference Registration
a project of the Central New York Peace Studies Consortium
$15.00 Registration Fee


Conference Registration


Food in Syracuse


Lodging in Syracuse


Program Theme: Youth, Drugs, Violence, and Gangs: Global, national and local challenges

November 14, 2009
Le Moyne College
Syracuse, New York, USA

Sponsored by:
Peace and Global Studies Program
Center for Urban and Regional Applied Research


· food is vegan friendly
· all rooms wheelchair accessible
· daycare provided on request


From Martin L. King Jr. to Mahatma Gandhi, peacemakers have recognized the importance of teaching our young people how to live in peace. Thousands of youth are murdered and tens of thousands of them are arrested each year in the United States alone. The challenge of protecting our children is complicated when some of them are involved in generating the violence. Younger and younger children are carrying guns and selling drugs, and the attraction of “gangs” and thug culture is strong in many communities. Around the world, organized illegal trafficking (in drugs, arms, human beings etc.) poses an international threat to peace and global security. A peaceful future depends on meeting the challenges of violence at all levels, including developing alternatives for youth in our own communities.

This conference hopes to provide a venue for discussion of the global problem of youth and gang violence and to share peacemaking tools and alternatives to violence. In this interdisciplinary conference we hope to promote a wide-ranging conversation including diverse fields and experiences. For example, connections to education, ethics, crime, punishment, social welfare/work, justice, corporate gangs, race, class, gender, ability, religion, popular culture, internet communities, policy, media, economics, and international development and affairs.


2009 Conference Committee:
Nancy Piscitell, Barron Boyd, Caroline Tauxe, Anthony J. Nocella, II, Christina Michaelson, everyone with Save the Kids, and the Peace and Global Studies class




Registration & Booths (Reilly Hall breezeway)




Welcoming (RH 446)
Barron Boyd, Director of Peace and Global Studies, Le Moyne College





Youth in the 21st Century
Facilitated by: Kate Rose Brondum, Le Moyne College

1. Gabriel Colella, SUNY Cortland – Peace, Values, Personal Responsibility

2. Maurice McFarlin, Northeastern Illinois University – Black Youth and Black Gang Violence

3. Elizabeth Murray, George Mason University – Virtual Gangs: MS-13 on Social Networking


4. Christina Michaelson, Le Moyne College – Nonviolent Communication Techniques in Youth



Building Peaceful Schools
Facilitated by: April Stec, Le Moyne College

1. Hakim M. A. Williams, Teacher’s College, Columbia University – The Role of Structural Violence in Postcolonial Schools

2. Anya Stanger, Syracuse University – Education and the Prevention of Youth Violence: A Program Response for Schools

3. Olek Netzer, Tel Aviv, Israel – Concerning A Democratic Structural Change of Regimen and Life’s Experience In Schools

4. Brian J. Trautman, Berkshire Community College – Peace Curriculum: Cultivating Informed and Active Global Citizens for Change and Justice




Teaching Behind the Wall
Facilitated by: Katherine Marinari, Le Moyne College

1. Lynn Olcott, SUNY Cortland

2. Jim DeChick, Hillbrook Youth Detention Center

3. Jim Garvey, Hillbrook Youth Detention Center

4. Mechthild E. Nagel, SUNY Cortland



Building a Peaceful Community
Facilitated by: Elizabeth Vanasdale, Le Moyne College

1. Terrance Byrd-El, LTPFJ Movement – Boys to Men

2. TBA, Hillside, NY

3. David Connelly, Osborne Center for Social Justice

4. Renee Emerson, George Junior Republic – Youth, Sexuality, and Disability




Keynote Speaker (RH 446)
Facilitated by: Barron Boyd, Le Moyne College

Julius Edwards, Human Rights Commissioner Onondaga County




Lunch (RH 446)




Awards Ceremony (RH 446)


2009 Peace Studies Award Recipients
Facilitated by: Christina Michaelson, Le Moyne College and Robert A. Rubinstein, Syracuse University

Peace Studies Book of the Year
“Social Justice, Peace, and Environmental Education: Transformative Standards”
Julie Andrzejewski, St. Cloud State University, Marta P. Baltodano, Loyola Marymount University, and Linda Symcox, California State University, Long Beach

Peace Studies Media of the Year
“The Jena 6”
Big Noise Films

Peace Studies Undergraduate Project of the Year
“Political Media Review”
Sarat Colling, Brock University

Peace Studies Graduate Paper of the Year
“Articulating a Contemporary Anarcha-Feminism”
Deric Shannon, University of Connecticut

Peace Studies Faculty Paper the Year
“Understanding Evil from the Perspective of Nonviolence”
Robert Holmes, University of Rochester





Evidence-Based Practice
Facilitated by: Mechthild E. Nagel, SUNY Cortland

Edward Hayes, CEO, Cayuga Home for Children – A Proven Approach to Reducing Youth Violence and Achieving Reductions in Youth Out-of-Home Placements and Arrests



Group Building with Youth
Facilitated by: Josh Calkins, Le Moyne College

Save the Kids, Le Moyne College and SUNY Cortland Students




Community Practitioners on Youth Violence
Facilitated by: April Stec, Le Moyne College

1. Cherylene Billue, Youth for Peace – Empowering Youth to Deal with Conflict and Trauma

2. Marsha Weissman. Center for Community Alternatives – Student Perspectives on School Suspension and the School to Prison Pipeline

3. Jim Dessauer, Compass and Caroline Tauxe, Le Moyne College – Addressing Youth Problems Through Engaged Community Development



Reintegrating into the Community
Facilitated by: Judy K. C. Bentley, SUNY Cortland

1. Andrew Fitz-Gibbon, SUNY Cortland – Caring Nonviolently for the Childhood Victims of Violence

2. Andrew Benson Green Jr,, Freetown, Sierra Leone – Child Soldier Project in Sierra Leone

3. Jim Czarniak, Hillbrook Youth Detention Center – The New Role of the Non-Profit in Working With Youth Surrounded By Violence

4. John W. McCullough, New Justice Conflict Resolution Services, Inc. – RESTORE




PLENARY – From the Inside Out (RH 446)
Facilitated by: Anthony J. Nocella, II Le Moyne College and SUNY Cortland

1. Jackie DeNero, Hillbrook Youth Detention Center

2. Ray Barnes, Center for Community Alternatives





Robert Rubinstein, Syracuse University



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