Mini-HIPP Workshop at Henninger High School

hippOn Wednesday October 14, 2009 Josh, Danielle, and Anthony from Save the Kids (STK) hosted at Henninger High School in Syracuse, NY three mini-Help Increase the Peace (HIP) workshops. The workshops were free to the high school and were each an hour long with about thirty9th grades in each. The students had a blast and wanted to do more!! STK workshops (minis and 20 hour) for free to schools, community centers, and government agencies.


The Help Increase the Peace Program, known as HIPP, teaches young people and adults communication skills for conflict resolution. And it does more. HIPP confronts prejudice and renews our hope to be agents for positive social change. The training introduces alternatives to violence and bullying and allows participants to practice various options by modeling and role playing. Exercises include self-affirmation and discovery of how insensitivity can magnify problems.

HIPP uses serious discussion of issues, activities that practice finding win-win solutions, and games that promote cooperation and communication. It’s straightforward and fun. HIPP affirms that there are choices, and just as we learn violence, so can we learn to respond with the alternatives.

HIPP allows youth and adults to practice techniques they discover, one-on-one within the group. The accumulation of these skills then leads to a focus on community action and social change.


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